- Accolades -

"Beat Repeat is the perfect title, for fans of the rhythm genre."
Connor Derrick - Pocket Gamer

- About -

The spiritual successor to Finger Band, all the best bits from that game have been taken, re-worked, and expanded upon, to deliver something that feels fresh yet retains that timeless appeal.

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- Gameplay -

A Rhythm game with a Memory based twist, Beat Repeat takes a fresh approach to beat matching, aiming to delight and frustrate in equal measure.

Unlike most music games, it doesn't rely solely on keeping the rhythm to do well (although that plays a part). Using a 'call & response' type system, memory skills are just as important and all part of the fun! Balanced to be fair, you'll find you are often cursing yourself rather than the game.

Perfect for quick-fire sessions, there's no need to sink hours in to get that sense of progress. You'll find it increases in difficulty as your skill level increases, and with time even the trickier stages should be achievable with a bit of patience and practise.

With a variety of game modes (more coming soon), and an assortment of unique items to unlock and upgrade, there's plenty to keep you occupied. Whether it's hitting a target to unlock a particular reward, getting a new high-score, or simply to have fun playing along, you're sure to find something that scratches that rhythm based itch.

- Trailer -

The iOS Preview Video, highlighting game-play and the range of content found within the game.

- Screenshots -

A collection of imagery, showcasing some of the games key features.

"When the rhythm and night ride, no heart can hide.”
Steve Winwood