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Full summary and explanation of the game coming soon. For now, a quick taster: Flights Of Fancy, is a place to escape into and immerse yourself within. An interactive journey, open to interpretation and told/controlled by you. Although there are mysteries to uncover and challenges to complete, the main focus is on flight itself and the joy this unfamiliar freedom can bring. Whilst the game can be viewed as the centrepiece to the project, there are other parts that make it up. The first of these is the ‘Flights Of Fancy EP’, a 6 track EP composed/arranged by Dan Farley (also contributing all music and sounds to the game). This acts as a nice precursor to the game and helps set the tone for the project as a whole, giving a first glimpse into the world we’re creating. 3 tracks from this EP will also be released separately, and set to footage gathered from various sites along the south coast of the UK. One of these can already be viewed below.


This has been a long time coming, and has been an off and on again project for the past 4-5 years. In this time it has gone through many changes, although it has always had the same aims at it’s core. It now feels like it has very much settled on it’s natural path, and it will be exciting to finally deliver that to people.


  • An interactive composition, one to escape into and immerse yourself within.
  • A fresh audio/visual style that compliments the gameplay to create a clearly defined experience.
  • Audio driven design that encourages people to use their ears as much as their eyes.
  • Carefully balanced goals, focusing on expression and enjoying being in the moment.
  • Tactile controls, that allow for full immersion in the world.
  • Freedom to explore and approach the game in a number of ways.


Flights Of Fancy EP - Lorica YouTube

Flights Of Fancy EP - Karst YouTube


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Flights Of Fancy EP (Bandcamp)
Purchase the Full EP on Bandcamp : danfarley.bandcamp.com.

Flights Of Fancy EP (Spotify)
Stream the Full EP on Spotify : open.spotify.com.

About Sherpa Reynolds

The aim of Sherpa Reynolds is to create projects ‘with a soul’, a personality that can be felt in every aspect, whatever form they may take.

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David McNab

Dan Farley

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