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The aim of sherpa reynolds is to create projects with a soul, a personality that can be felt in every aspect, whatever form they may take.


The Beginning

sherpa reynolds or as it was then known 'Sherpa Reynolds', started life as a team of 5 in the 2008 video game competition Dare To Be Digital. An unorthodox team (there were no natural programmers), set about creating a gesture based audio game for the Wii. The audio was the main force behind the game and drove all of the visual elements as well as gameplay. Although not shortlisted for an award, many people appreciated our unusual approach, focusing not only on entertainment but also touching on a fun tool that people can play/use to improve their skill and understanding of music. As such we were invited to a number of developers including Channel 4 (who were interested in educational games at the time), to see if it could be expanded into something more substantial. For a number of reasons this didn't quite work out, and that game 'immix' represents the last the team of 5 worked on together. In the intervening years a number of small prototypes and alternative projects were created by various combinations of members from that team, with one release in 'thingSOUP' being a collaboration between 'son' and 'sleepingkiwi' (our relevant sherpa names).

The Present

As it stands there is but one full time member left, working on projects as time permits. One project 'Finger Band' is to be released soon, and another 'Flights Of Fancy' is likely to see completion sometime next year. There may well be one or two additional releases, depending how things go, with a potential Finger Band spin-off already mapped out.

The Future

In time it is hoped that more 'sherpas' can be attracted to the cause. Collaboration is definitely on the agenda and there will be moves to get people involved in the completion of 'Flights Of Fancy'. There are many plans for the direction sherpa reynolds can take, some great, others more modest in scope. Interactive entertainment will always be at sherpa reynolds core, but other forms of entertainment will be used should they offer a way to enhance the project in question.



Project: thingSOUP | Video: Setting The Scene YouTube



There are far more images available for sherpa reynolds, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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sleeping kiwi
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Original Dare To Be Digital Team
Joe Baggaley | Anthony Hartnell | Nathan Hornby | David McNab | Fasahat Salim

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